We work on the management, advice, coordination and preparation of product launches onto the market and subsequently on the implementation, follow-up and coordination of products series projects.

CPA has extensive experience in technical advice, diagnosis, repair methods, bodywork and assemblies of the vehicle.


Before launching the vehicle onto the market:

  • Verification of the diagnosis correct design on all the control units of the vehicle.

  • Verification, interpretation and study the functionality of electrical/electronic plans of the vehicle.

  • Definition of repair method to be followed in assemblies, disassembles and repairs for official dealerships. Work instructions.

After launching the vehicle onto the market:

  • Vehicle validation and diagnosis. Electronic readings to clear faults and get a correct functioning.

  • Design and production of special tools and equipment.

  • Follow-up and continuous improvement of already created methods in previous projects. (workshop times, ergonomics and cost savings).

  • Method definition (work instructions and times for the dealership) of new assembly processes to a vehicle already in the market.

  • Research on causes and effects.

  • Brand factory and dealership warranties.



Electronic validation of vehicles before their launch onto the market, without the need to travel; It is carried out in the client’s factory and/or field.

Field actions

If any guarantee call arises in a finished vehicle, we validate and ensure the product before its arrival at the dealership/client.


Continuous improvement in methods and special working equipment/tools


Time reduction and optimisation in working instructions of dealerships is equal to cost savings for OEM.


Product improvement and follow-up.


We work with the best OEMs and Tier 1-2 from the automotive industry.


Customer service after the sale.

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