A highly qualified team and in continuous training

We work in different sectors providing tailored solutions to ensure the success of the Project.

Support throughout engineering design and development, both to the product and process, carrying out the Project management, where appropriate.


Engineering Services

  • Implementation of functional tests, life-tests, reliability and mountability. Validation of design modifications and changes.

  • Gathering and processing the client’s feedback, including claims. Assessment of their satisfaction level.

  • Construction, qualification and validation of prototypes and pre-series.

  • Analysis of guarantees and returns. Management of corrective actions.

  • Documents control, storage, conservation and availability.

  • Support and/or performance of all type of activities in quality engineering.

  • Control and follow-up of management KPIs, quality, production, satisfaction and others.

  • Resident Engineers by specialty..



Whenever there are new releases and workload peaks, the customer does not reach all. CPA provides them with the solution.


We meet the needs with our own staff and employees from a job pool during the time of the project.


Time reduction and optimisation in working instructions of dealerships is equal to cost savings for OEM.


We work with the best OEMs and Tier 1-2 from the automotive industry.


LRP fulfillment and daily follow-up

On time

24/7 availability and deadline achievement

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