We based our managament policy on confidence and preciseness

We seek to attain the satisfaction of our clients through effectiveness, efficiency, flexibility, innovation and continuous improvement of our processes and services and always complying with the current legal and regulatory requirements, as well as complying with other requirements established by the company. To that end, we create, implement and keep at all levels of the organization an Environmental and Quality Management System based on the UNE-EN-ISO 9001, UNE-EN-ISO 14001 guidelines.

C.P.A. Management Board has the leadership of behavioural practise that favours environmental and quality management, acting as a driver, guide and role model

We encourage Teamwork

In CPA people are the key driver of its fuctioning and its results, so their continuous training and awareness is a priority objective to ensure their profesional competence. We work together as a team to reach common objectives.

Our commitments

  • Set, review and update the management goals.

  • Have the necessary resources for the functioning of Environmental and Quality Management System and ensure that all CPA personnel have the appropriate training to carry out their jobs.
  • The quality system must be implemented, conveyed, assumed and applied by all personnel
  • Work on C.P.A continuous improvement and its results.
  • Spread and apply their commitment to protect the environment and prevent pollution.
  • Periodically revise this policy to ensure its continuing adaptation.