We offer tailored solutions to the clients’ needs to be able to ensure the required quality of their products, pieces and components.

We ensure the quality both at the client’s plant and the supplier’s facilities as well as at CPA..

Reception/ Analysis/ Risks/ Implementation/ Information

Quality Services

  • Samplings, unit-by-unit testing, classifications and recovery of doubtful or non-compliant products. Implementation of Quality Walls..

  • Separation of doubtful or faulty products, both in the internal production process and in the warehouses of finished products.
  • Audits, verification and testing of finished products.

  • Cause-and-effect analysis. Tracking of both internal and external corrective actions.

  • Optimization of productive processes. Application of improvement tools such as Lean, 5S, 6 Sigma and others so as to reduce costs and get zero failures.

  • Acquirement, follow-up and reduction of Quality Costs.

  • Validation of suppliers’ processes and first samples, periodic audits and the effectiveness of the corrective actions taken. Estimation and monitoring of product life cycle.

  • Calibration, tuning and maintenance of applied corrective measuring equipment. Estimation and monitoring of product life cycle.

  • On-site Metrology and in accredited laboratories.

  • Control, recovery and separation of faulty finished products in warehouses or ready for delivery.

  • Internal rejections, from the factory and suppliers: collection, analysis, processing, recovery or scrapping.

  • Traceability – Daily reports detailing the given service.



Highly competitive price; excellent value for money


Cost savings due to NO travelling or NO material returns


Neutral and objective


Daily report – Quality and quantity of information.


We respect our clients’ confidentiality and the right to their data protection


Confidence and reputation


LRP fulfillment and daily follow-up

On time

24/7 availability and deadline achievement


We work with the best OEMs and Tier 1-2 from the automotive sector


ISO9001:2015 ISO14001:2015 Integrated system

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